Sunday, August 19, 2007

Part 2 of the Gaspe Peninsula

We spent 2 days in Perce, a tiny little place which seems to thrive on Tourism. Even though we pulled in late, all the stores were open and the streets were packed. In the early morning we took a boat on a tour around the famous pierced rock, and then around Bonaventure Island. It's home to a rare colony of birds called "Fous de Bassan" and every summer 100,000 of them come there to mate and hatch one egg. Its one of the only places in the world they come to. I was impressed with the birds, but Paul didnt really care much. The kids loved the 5 km hike through the trees to get across the island once we got off the boat at the Island and went to the cliff to watch the birds.

Multiply this picture times several kilometres of cliffside packed with this many birds.

The famous Pierced Rock

There were many other sights along the ocean roads. We passed and stopped at several active lighthouses, houses were painted bright colors and stood out vividly against the blue sky, inlets full of boats and of course, we geocached some more. We hit 21 of them over this trip. Bennett and Arielle loved the frequent stops that this gave us and they got to get out and run around.

The quote for this picture, and i swear this is what he was actually saying, is "Come on Arielle! Let's go find a geocache!"

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heather said...

Oh my gosh! (sniff sniff) Big brother looking after his sister. This one is to me one of those Kodak moments.. beautiful!