Monday, August 06, 2007

Les Fetes de la Nouvelle France

Our regular Saturday excursions took us to Old Quebec once again. We hit the giant farmers market for all our fresh veggies for the week (I will miss this place!) and then Old Quebec once again. It seems to be a big draw for us. However, it was us and thousands of other people this day. It was the "Fetes de la Nouvelle France"

Many of the local people dress up in period costume from the days of Quebec being settled and there were shacks set up with demonstrations of boats, knot making, maple syrup, tradition linens and clothing, wine tasting, food tasting, etc. It was fun to wander around and see such a mix of tourists and costumes. The streets were packed with people.

The pirate show was a big draw for the kids. Bennett loved the dancing singing pirate show and climbing the "mast"

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Anonymous said...

awww, bennett is such a little cutie!