Thursday, August 30, 2007

Le Vieux Marché (The Old Market)

One of my favorite places to go each week is to the Vieux Marché. I buy all of our fruit and veggies there and some bread too. It is similar to our farmers market, and it is open all week long and all year long. There is stall after stall of people selling their fresh products. For veggies you can get zucchini the size of small baseball bats for $2. You get a huge basket of Tomatoes for $2.50. Huge bags of fresh basil or others like dill or chives for $1.50 Mounds of strawberries or blueberries for great deals, and fresh batches of baquettes, cheese bread, chocolate bread, fudge or pie at one end of the market. These are by far the best vegetables I have ever eaten. I am really going to miss the huge assortment and fresh tastes when we get to Niger.
There are also a few other small stalls selling spices, fish, pastries or other assorted wares. The kids love to wander around with a dixie cup of fresh berries and take in all the smells. There are also several flower stalls where bennett picks me out a new bouquet every few weeks.


heather said...

Oh my! My salivary glands are just pumping - looking at all those plump fresh tomatoes and veges. That boy of yours is something else... He's a heart throb that kid. He'll be a great protector of his sister...I can see it all now :). Thinking of you lots.

Janet Jonsson said...

Hi Chantelle,

I found your blog and I wanted to send you a quick hello to say that I have been thinking about you and will be checking your blog out quite frequently. I think it is a wonderful way to be able to stay in touch with what you are doing on your journey to Niger. I hope that you are all doing well and it sounds like you are, which is wonderful.

Please know that I will be praying for you and I look forward to being able to keep in touch. Our email address is

Take care and God Bless.

In Christ,

Janet Jonsson (Rockyview Alliance)

P.S. Keep on enjoying those veggies and bread!