Monday, August 06, 2007

Is French from Mars?

Quebec expressions

So I had a fat morning today. I tried to get the kids to work well together but it will happen when chicken have teeth. I was golden hearted and tried to not throw oil on the fire, but sometimes all this transition is a hard pill to swallow. I know, maybe I am just cutting my hair in four. One day I hope to reach the heights and dot all the I’s. Oh well. I better run. After all, I’ve got other cats to whip.

French expressions: (literal translation = meaning)

Have a fat morning = wake up late
When chicken have teeth = it will likely never happen
Throw oil on the fire = further incite a problem
Hard pill to swallow = difficult to manage
Cutting your hair in four = making it complicated / is complicated
Reach the heights = reach your goal
Dot all the I’s = finish everything perfectly
To have other cats to whip (my all time favorite!) = Have other things to accomplish.


Scuzzlewump said...

ROFL....and the sad thing is that I totally understood all of that BEFORE the translation! :)

heather said...

Can't say I did... :)

Lisa said...

My all-time favourite from my days in Quebec: "Tu pètes le feu." And I'm not translating it in public! (But it's not vulgar in French--only in English!)

Gini said...

Hey Chantelle. Shawn deleted your last message from our telus account and I can't get it back... any chance you can resend it? I don't have your address anymore because our home computer crashed :-(. Yup, all our baby pics and video-- gone. A good lesson for us in backing up! Good thing I'd printed a bunch to scrapbook, and had emailed a lot of them all over the world so can get them emailed back. Anyways, I've enjoyed reading your blog, and send me you email address.