Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The hardest thing

So the hardest thing about following your dreams and passions and call to a country on the other side of the world is definitley those people who you love that you leave behind. Pauls parents are working in the Arab World for several years at a guest house and feel the same way. They have been back in Canada visiting for the past month and we were lucky enough to have them with us in Quebec this past week. We had lots of time to talk and share and visit some culturally Quebecois sites and smells and of course everything maple related. Here are some pictures from our wonderful time to share.


We went to a few different places around Quebec while they were here. In this pictures we are in upper old quebec, within the walls, walking around all the streets and enjoying homemade ice cream.

We also hunted down a few geocaches, and mom found her first one! She enjoyed this new "sport" and was already checking out the caches hidden in her part of the world! Good job mom!

We also went to our regular market to get all our fresh veggies and fruit and other stuff. Ill have to make a post about this place one day. But suffice to say its pretty cool. Here in Grandma and Bennett in front of sunflowers. We were thinking of you Amy!

Finally, we visited the Plains of Abraham and the Citadel. It gave a nice vantage over the City and we saw some history. We didnt spend too much time there since it was way past naps time, but I'll have to go back there.

Hugs and love
One of the big highlights Im sure for them was seeing their two grandchildren. They are the only two they have so far, and this is the first time they met our newest addition Arielle. How wonderful to see them play and bond and really enjoy all the smiles and laughter they could squeeze into a week.

Meeting Arielle. Have you seen the movie Monsters Inc? If you have, you will smile and know why we call her "Boo" . She looks so much like her!

We took Bennett's milk crates our to the park and went bowling with Grandpa. He was teaching him how to roll the ball between his legs and make it go straighter to hit the cartons. I think Bennett still got a bigger "kick" out of running over and kicking them all over with his foot!

Fun with clothespins. It was great to see the kids playing together and laughing at each other.

Cabane a Sucre (Sugar Shack)

Who could visit Quebec without celebrating its roots and rich history in maple syrup! We drove out to a maple grove and traditional sugar shack where the tap the trees, evaporate and store the syrup and have events. We joined a big group of italiens and spaniards to see lumberjacks at work and tour the area. The one man made chainsaw art as a demonstration and it turned out to be a little chair just the right size for our kids, and it now sits proudly in our living room. Arielle sat in it and the tourists from Europe all oo'ed at her and crowded around to take her picture on this little chair. Then we went inside a huge log cabin for a traditional trappers meal, which was fantastic with big bottles of maple syrup, homemade bread, soup, stew etc. We ate a lot and listened to a live band. Overall a perfect day with only 5 minutes of chaos (you dont really need to hear stories about drinks spilling all over, projectile vomit from A, etc do you?)

Check out this huge bottle of maple syrup for us!

We may not get a lot of time with the people we love now, but we are thankful that the quality is of the highest measure.

"Dont grieve for those things and people that you lose, but rejoice that you have them to love in the first place."


heather said...

Another beautiful addition to your blog. What a blessed time you had - and have to add, those were my prayers this week for you two i.e. about leaving the ones you love.

chad said...

So were Paul and Bennet able to finish off the bottle of syrup by themselves or did they need help?

Leanne said...

Hey, just wonted to make sure that I posted something to acknowledge my presence. I promised I would come and look and I am glad a I did. You have some great posts and some adorable pictures.
If I would have known that grandchildren would make Dad and Mom look so good maybe Colin and I would have helped out sooner!