Thursday, August 16, 2007

First few days in La Gaspesie!!

So we had 6 days between when Pauls parents left and he starts a new wave of classes. We miss his parents already and cherish the time we had with them. For our little time before classes we decided to go and visit the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec. We had heard a little bit about it, especially the famous Rock Perce, but were astounded none the less by all we have seen.

Here is a map of the first few days and where we went to situate you with our area.

Quebec - Matane - Perce.

Out first day we went 400km up the coastline to Matane. The scenery along the way was gorgeous!!

Sometimes people ask me why I love to travel, why I love languages and cultures that are so very different than the one that I was born in. My answers seem to change the more and more I experience these differences and the more and more I talk to people and learn to speak a different language. I love watching people who are unaware when they relax and sit back and spend time with their friends and family, how they laugh, how the talk with their hands in huge winding motions like a giant game of charades. I love hand talkers becuase it helps language and culture learners like me know more of what is going on. I love to see how things I take for granted can be so foreign to other people, seeing how my idea of personal space is usually about 5 times more than people from other countries give me. I find this an intricate dance that I watch, fascinated, while I try to learn the steps to integrate seamlessly. Well, i dont usually hope for seamlessly at first, but at least i would like to join their dance without stepping on feet, being hopelessly lost or some other embarassing mistake. I could go on and on, but I have once again, in the little fishing towns and stops along the beautiful coast, remembered why I love language, why I love culture, why I do what I do. Im grateful God has gifted me the way He has.

So the scenery here is amazing. Most of the road runs right along the coast. Then it runs inland into the high hills and thick greenery, only to turn the next corner and start downhill at a 19% downgrade road and leave you gasping not only at the steep ascent with a logging truck riding your butt, but also the ocean sweeps back into view with a tiny perfect little fishing village perched on the corner, complete with a church with a hugh thin spire rising into the sky.

We also went through a windmill farm. It that whats its called? Im not sure. But there were likely 30-40 huge windmills rising on the mountain tops spinning and creating power through harnassing the wind. Bennett was really impressed.

In one little village we stopped by an old covered bridge and had a french meal of baguettes and toppings. An old man from a neighboring house saw us and came over with a baggie full of fresh blueberries that he had just picked. We talked for a while and he gave us a great big toothless grin and went on his way.

Oh, if you are missing a garden gnome...this guy might know where it is. I hear its a tight knit community.

Finally we arrived in Perce after many stops along the ways at parks, playgrounds, geocaches, and boats. Stay tuned for the next installment!

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Anonymous said...

the picture of her in the swing is soooo adorable! She looks so happy! And the scenery is beautiful! I hope everything is going great for you guys!