Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vive la Quebec!

We made it! Well Paul got here 5 days before me and the kids and paved the way, but now we are all here together again. I am so proud of Paul. While I was still out picking up the kids he went and got a haircut, set up all our utilities, arranged things with our landlord, went to church, made friends, etc ALL IN FRENCH!! I’m thrilled by the way he is being fearless and he said he just looks up key words he knows he’ll need and writes them in a little notebook before he heads out, then uses his dictionary and people help him along as he goes. The people have been really friendly, especially when they hear he is here to learn French.
So I flew here with both Bennett and Arielle, and my Mom accompanied us to keep me sane. The flights went well, and Bennett only had one little melt down. I am thankful to have mom here for a few days to help me unpack and shop for the things to set up a temporary house for 6 months. Today we went to historic “Vielle Quebec”. It’s old city style that honestly made me feel like I was right back in Europe. I love the old architecture and cafĂ© lined streets and hearing French all around me. Even though I’m rusty, my French is all coming back to me quickly.

We have a great huge park right across the street from our new place and I’m looking forward to many afternoons spent there talking with other parents and kids and getting to know people. I’m sure you will hear many more stories about where we live and what we are doing!!

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Heather said...

Oh my gosh! What a picture. Beautiful!