Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pre-Field Orientation

So what is there really to say about the 12 days we spent at a camp 3 hours north of Toronto for Pre Field Orientation? A few adjectives come to mind, so Ill share them with you since stories and words won’t do it justice. Peaceful. Uplifting. Encouraging, transparent leadership, Caring for each other, Prayer, Loads of teaching. It was such a great place to relax with 14 other people, both couples and singles, who are going through and doing the same things as us, albeit to other far reaching corners of the world. We made friends that we will follow along on their journeys for decades to come. We felt better prepared when we left than when we came. I guess that was the point. Here are a few pictures. And to all of my fellow PFO’ers, thank you for the amazing fellowship.

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