Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mont Sainte-Anne

Today is Saturday and Paul doesnt have french classes. My sanity rejoices (not because of the french, but because im usually alone all the time with two transitioning toddlers!) We went to Mont Sainte-Anne. The biggest hill outside of Quebec. I say Hill because an Albertan like me cant bring myself to call it a mountain. But it was a very nice and big hill :)

We went up the gondola and saw some great views of the city of Quebec way in the distance. the hills were all rounded and soft and lush green. The St Lawrence river was flowing softly in the haze and we could see more of how huge it is! It was sunny and humid. We also saw the sled dog camp up at the top, which both kids really loved.

We have a new GPS so we tried to find a geocache at the top, but we were not successful. We haven't quite figured out the new mapping and arrows etc. oh well. We will try again later.

Overall a great day, beautiful place and fun as a family!


Anonymous said...

haha, the look on Arielle's face in this pic is highly entertaning! Bennett looks adorable as usual too. Quebec looks so fabulous!

Heather said...

:) faces say it all don't they? What a nice treat Paul to have a break from language study.. Wise plan to get out and enjoy the country-side with the kids. Love & hugs comin that way

Kristi said...

oui - je comprends et j'ai eu la meme idee - c'est bizarre d'entendu les collines ca nom "montagnes" ici!!