Friday, June 15, 2007

Minneapolis- Chicago - the toll roads!!

First thing after breakfast we hit the Mall of America. I couldn’t remember if it was supposed to be bigger than West Edmonton Mall or not, but we went to check it out since it is definitely the largest Mall in the USA. (For info – it is NOT bigger than WEM). We had coffee and walked around and shopped for an hour. It was ok. I liked that it was a loop and not a long straight line like WEM, but otherwise it was just a normal mall.

So today we hit four different states. Lots of driving. From Minnesota we went through Wisconsin, then Illinois until landing in Indiana for the night right on the southern shores of Lake Michigan. I think we drove over 800 km.

We didn’t see too much except a lot of road kill. Yeah. Yuck. And we did notice what I am thinking is a cultural observation of food and the reason partly that perhaps the rate of obesity is growing in the USA at a much faster rate than elsewhere. (Don’t feel too proud, Canada isn’t that far behind). We both wanted a salad for lunch. One of those yummy signature salads that have things like pecans, goat cheese, feta or crumbled bacon with some divine dressing. Well, we tried numerous restaurants and I kid you not, they had no salad. They had sandwiches, fries, cream based soups and larger than huge portions, but you couldn’t even get a plain garden salad. They weren’t on the menu. And these were not fast food restaurants, they were sit down establishments with the word restaurant in their title. No wonder you cant eat healthy as easy when no one provides those type of options when you go out. I had to make do with marinated veggies on the side of a sandwich.

We hit the road after lunch to Chicago and got there after dark. The skyline was beautiful and we had lots of time to appreciate it between traffic and half a dozen stops to pay the toll roads. Once we paid $2.50 for the toll, then drove 3 km, hit another toll station for another $0.45 etc. There were lots of them. All that stopping really took its toll on us. (Punny joke courtesy of Paul)

So now we finally hit our hotel, a bit nicer than the slightly sketchy one we had last night, and are going to bed.

Love Chantelle

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