Sunday, June 17, 2007

Indiana - Canada

1981 miles so far!

A morning off from driving! We thought we deserved it. We had a leisurely morning then headed out of the hotel to the Indiana Dunes State Park, which is right on Lake Michigan about 30 km east of Chicago. This park is famous for its natural sand dune mounds (highest is 123 feet tall!) and sandy beach. The beach was really nice fine sand and it was hot. Its right on the lake and there was lots of people there.

The paths in the park were sandy. Some of them were so sandy that you struggled to climb up the hill because you foot sank completely out of sight with each step. It was beautiful back in the trees though and amazing to see all the sand deposited by the winds.

Our memories of Michigan.
We werent in Michigan that long. Only a fewhours really.

The biggest thing we noticed today was roadkill. We had seen lots over the past few days, but Michigan took it to a new level. I make absolutely no exaggeration when i say that during our 6 hours of driving today from Indiana to canada, (most of which was in michigan) we saw at least 15 deer, 2 dozen raccoons, 6 coyotes, and another 2 dozen assorted bloody mounds on the roads. I couldnt believe it, especially the number of deer. I made a joke near the end that i could get my camera out to catch one within a minute or two of driving, and sure enough, the resulting picture. It was sad. I saw a live deer in the brush looking at the road and yelled at it to stay safe and off the road. Who knows if he heard me. I wonder how long the roadkill stays there until they clean it up? The other big thing on the road was huge pieces of tires all over the road at quite frequent intervals.

And then the big highlight of our day was seeing this sign

It gets tiring to not know where anything is or what each restaurant or store has in it when you want something,etc. So we were looking forward to hitting Ontario, with hopes of good salads (see previous post) and familiar stores and good old colorful Canadian money and a cellphone that would work again. And maybe a little less roadkill! Plus, we got on a video chat with our son bennett and thoroughly enjoyed talking face to face with him as he told us about his day. Isn't technology great!!

So we crossed the big bridge into Canada about 930 pm and now have one more day of driving before we arrive at our destination. Im not sure how much internet we will have at the camp for the next 2 weeks, so I'll say thanks now for joining our journey from your armchair!


heather said...

WOW! You kids are plugging along. We (the congregation)prayed for you guys yesterday. Very interesting trip thus far...especially your comments about restaurants/food. Certainly brings truth to what I've been hearing about us N.Americans I noted a hint of homesickness. Probably doesn't help that your kids aren't with you. Sending a huge hug of comfort and understanding along.

Tim said...

You are totally fantastic. We gonna publish your blogs on Niger! Way to go!!! Have fun down there!!!