Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day Two - Moose Jaw - Bismarck

Once again we didnt manage to leave the crack of dawn. Maybe since this is vacation we arent supposed to anyhow? Hehe

I got an early appointment to a chiropractor since my neck was really out. Thankfully it helped a lot, and hit the road. Nothing too eventful to report. More beautiful scenery along the road towards the border. We stopped in Weyburn Saskatchewan and had a picnic. Our picnic table was surrounded in true Saskatchewan style with oil pump jacks, graineries, trains and fields.

One surprise that allyou good Canadians will understand is we went through Dog River, the town from the hit tv show Corner gas. It is actually there in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan. The whole set is there. Here are some pictures.

Then we crossed the border into North Dakota. No trouble at the border even though our truck is so full it must look like we are moving in illegally. We headed 2 hours down the road to Minot where we took a break and geocached! For those of you who dont know what that is, check

Here are pics of the three caches we found. Not too shabby considering we dont have a hand held device and had to make it work with our vehicle device and Google Earth pics for the location :)

So now we are heading to bed in Bismarck.


Scuzzlewump said...

Woo-hoo! You went to Rouleau! I LOVE Corner Gas! I'm glad you enjoyed Saskatchewan while you were here....I am just disappointed that I couldn't catch you coming through!
Debbie Scott (now Johnston)

heather b said...

OK - glad you suggested Now I know what you're talking about. Pretty cool!