Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Calgary to Moose Jaw!

So we got away a little later than hoped today and drove for 7 1/2 hours to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

It was a beautiful sunny day out which lifted our sad spirits (see next post for why). We had our newest toy working ( a vehicle GPS mapper i co-bought with my dad) to easily guide our way and our truck is packed to the hilt!

We stopped in Medecine Hat and saw the Worlds largest Teepee. It was...big.

Then we crossed over into Saskatchewan and the roads immediately got worse. Im not lying. Those of you who have driven there know its true!

The scenery was beautiful. Big rolling plains and hills and fields. Im thankful for a day to be joyful for all we have and not only sad for what we give up.


Michelle said...

Yeah!!! You got your GPS for your road trip. Just another way God is letting you know that he is there looking out for you two....even the "little" details He sees. Isn't it amazing how His wonderful and beautiful creations can be so comforting and uplifting? He truly is amazing....

Scuzzlewump said...

LOL...Good old Saskatchewan....wish I'd known your schedule....I'd have told you to stop in an visit for a few minutes!!!! (I live in Regina, now, you know)
Hope the rest of your trip goes well and the Saskatchewan roads didn't cause TOO much trouble! :)
Debbie Scott

heather b said...

Travelling with you both. :)

Cheryl Miller said...

Having driven the road from Calgary - Regina many times, I totally understand the road change/condition at the border!