Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bismarck - Minneapolis

Hmm. We hit the Starbucks that was conveniently located across the road and then hit the road for fargo ND. We drove by the Worlds largest buffalo.

We drove for 3 hours to Fargo then stopped to do some geocaching. We found the first one easy but were foiled after that. It was wet and rainy and lots of mosquitos who loved my capri's. So we only went 1 for 4 we attempted. We really need a handheld.
This is the only one we got.

We were glad we werent headed this direction on the highway. This jam went on for miles.

The scenery changed to more decidious trees and higher humidity. I loved these trees.

And finally, we noticed the plethora of water towers and discussed how Americans havent yet figured out the key to water pressure. Then we saw all the towers and thought the manufacturers must have had a fire sale on this one model.

Sorry, not much else to say. *yawn* Im already tired of driving.

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heather said...

Bless your hearts - I'm so enjoying the arm chair travel - thank you for your travel-log.