Sunday, June 10, 2007

The BIG Thank Yous

So we are almost out of our house. I say almost because we still have a few little piles of scattered junk lying around to get rid of, and our truck to pack for Quebec. But our storage is all moved out and the shipping container is all packed and ready for pickup Monday am. There is some hard stuff coming later today...but i'll save that for a post a few days from now.

So i wanted to say thank you to some people who helped us tremendously over the past little while with the gigantic work load of logistics and moving far away. Please indulge me to list a few of you :)

Thank you first of all for all of those who love and have prayed for us during this very stressful time.

Thank you to my neighbors Gina and Janet, for your oft offered childcare so I could pack, for towels so i could pack mine,for our organizing the scrapbook memory sheets which are precious, and for having a little champagne send-off.

To Kirk for helping us with all the physical labour and finally emptying our garage ;)

To Dad, Chad and Michelle - for giving up your vacation time and taking time off work to come pack like crazy. Chad you are shrink wrap king and michelle - i dont know how i would have done it without you.

To Bryan and Lisa for staying that extra while back up here to be part of our days, build things with paul and helping us pack and throwing the family get together for us. And for storing some of our stuff!

The container has begun to be packed!!

To Danielle - for taking our couches to love and for helping pack and making us supper.

To Kristi -for making the diaper run to Costco for me even though you are moving too and have no kids. Im sure the stares you got were pretty funny! In case anyone was wondering, 13 cases of diapers is over $600!! Yikes.

To all our family who came for our commissioning. It was so special you were there.

To Captain Mike for stopping by and giving us free Fire Department t-shirts :)

Its hard to believe that we leave for out East tomorrow. Wow. We will update along the way as we can!!

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Your Bro and Sis said...

We'd do anything for you guys! We love you and will pray for you as you "officially" move out of you house. We had a great time!!!