Monday, April 30, 2007

New link

Check out the new link to Niger weather on the right. It auto updates so you can see the weather in Niger LIVE!!!

Catching some air time and the never ending packing

So here we are now, 5 weeks or so away from our departure for Quebec. Our house is sold, now we have to have a humungous garage sale, store a few items, and give others away to good homes. We still need to buy 220 appliances, still need a shipping company who will committ to not lose the stuff we ship, and we have lots to buy to bring there. I am also still working on finishing a course on language use in development (choosing to use national (or "tribal" languages as a tool in development work). So we have our hands full. Thank you so much for all your notes of encouragement and your prayers. You are an important part of our team.

My last day at work was Thursday and it feels good. I spent 8 years there and loved it, but am so excited for this new direction that we have been working towards for so long.

This past weekend Paul and I took hang-gliding lessons. This was my Christmas gift to him. It was so much fun, although much harder than it looks to control a 70 pound, 40 foot wingspan in gusty winds. We really had a blast and even caught some air. Now Paul is busy trying to figure out if we can fit one into our shipping container. Catching the glides of the sand dunes anyone?? Enjoy the pictures below.