Sunday, March 18, 2007

3 months to go!

So now that so many of you have this web blog, I figured we better update it more. Fear not, as soon as we are in the field we will be posting here a lot as we keep you all in the loop and use this as a major way to share the journey. So far we are just still in Calgary, and unless packing and paperwork is really your thing, we dont have much to say.

We are getting all of our stuff together and doing a lot of shopping for all the supplies we will need for the next 4 years. Niger has open air markets, but there are certain things that we really cant buy there, like 220V appliances, many toiletries, good quality clothing, medecations, certain household items and some things for our kitchen. Ive bought multiples of packs of taco seasoning, basil, ice tea crystals, and maple syrup (Paul wouldnt make it 4 years in Niger with no syrup for his satruday pancakes). Also, you cant buy baking pans, muffin tins, etc there - so ours are making the journey! Overall, I have a binder of lists that I am slowly making my way through. Overwhelming at best. The house will go up for sale sometime in the next few months or so too. We havent decided when.

I am still taking two courses and Paul and I are both still working too. I am not sure yet what our quit dates will be as there are lots of variables that we arent in control of. Our team would like us to take an Islam course and a general linguistics course in May as well. With everything we have to do, I am starting to think cloning doesnt sound to bad.

We are looking forward to Quebec. That will mean all the packing is done and the container is sent! Also we really like the team there and will really enjoy spending time with them while Paul takes classes.

During this time we are so thankful for all the support we are getting from our family and our church. You hold us up.

Here is a new family photo. Bennett just turned two last week!!