Monday, November 20, 2006

France Part 2 -Chartres

So we took off in our sporty little Renault car and headed southwest of Paris through the country. The windy little National roads are a lot of fun to drive and lead you through all these little villages and fields. Our destination for that day was Chartres, famous for its huge cathedral. Its very big and nice, though dark inside like most french churches. Its famous that one of the King Louis's got married there, and Joan of Arc was there, etc. The whole city is build around the big cathedral on the Hill

Outside the cathedral there are lots of pedestrian only streets with shops. At one intersection there was a fountain in the square. Bennett loved watching all the water jets shoot up and move and he would dance on the edge in just a little bit of water on his shoes for splashes. When we finally left we literally had to carry him away kicking and screaming. he wanted to play there all night!


Sarahp said...

Hey Chantelle... I just found your blog and don't even have time to read it as my hour is up in the internet cafe. I still haven't been in Niamey at the right time to make it to church. Glad to know you're healthy again. You and your family were such a blessing to me. I hope you come back to Niger and if so you can hold me to cooking dinner for you in my village!

Scuzzlewump said...

Hey Chantelle! Long time, no hear! Things sure have changed over the years, eh? I now have two little people who are very quickly becoming big people. What a cute little guy you have! (I'm guessing he's yours?) Keep in touch, okay? Carrien has my e-mail addy if you need it. :)
Debbie "Sonshine:" Scott Johnston
(I forget....were you Cheese? Potato? Something like that?) :-D

heather said...

I would definitely have stayed with Bennett and played there.