Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Goat delivery

Someone back here in Canada gave us some money to bring to the field. They wanted us to use it directly to impact some people, with no administrative fees from a big organization or anything to water it down. SO after much discussion with the team leaders, we bought goats. Yup goats. You see, buying a goat here is more than just a goat. Especially if said goat is a mother, with a young child goatie. Especially if this mamma goat is producing lots of milk which can be both drunk and sold to help the family. You get the point I think.
Anyhow, we bought 3 healthy mamma goats, all with healthy babies and who were producing milk, and gave them to 3 guards who worked for the group and who all had families to support. Even though I was sick, I made it to the first goat delivery before being dropped back off at my bed. We packed all 6 geet (yeah i know thats not plural for goats...but i like it and Jill will catch the reference :)into the back seat of the Toyota Prado. Everyone i think must have gotten a chuckle out of us, but hey, we were on a mission! We delivered goats, made some happy families, and hopefully gave them something tangible to help make their lives better. The goats were a fantastic gift to give and to reach the people directly. Good idea dad :)

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