Sunday, October 22, 2006

Giraffe safari

So our last morning we were there I was feeling a little bit better when I awoke and wanted to catch the opportunity to go see the giraffes in the wild. There is a reserve park about 35 minutes from Niamey. So off we went about 7am. We got a little lost (not lost-we simply had a divine appointment to go too far, pick up some Peace Corps people and get to pray for and encourage one young lady in particular) We found the giraffes and probably saw about 12 total. We drove to nearby them, then parked and walked quietly. Bennett was quite excited to see them and kept pointing and exclaiming when he saw them. Here are a few pics :)


Sarahp said...

A divine appointment indeed!!! The pictures are great!

heather said...

I'm sooo envious (allow me that) the Lord knows how my heart aches when I see pixs like this. Bennett is obviously intriqued by the giraffes. Have to admit though - the 45 degrees wouldn't be something I would do well in.