Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Niamey - Days 1 and 2

So we arrived in Niamey! It is hot and humid, just like I remember it. Smells the same (not to say its a bad smell, just distict and I remembered it) I love seeing the people filling the streets, the vendors, the red dirt, the grass hut houses squatting in lots, the dark skin, the red skin, the people with tea, the baby goat who was born this afternoon, etc.

We have met the team here and they already feel like family. Enjoying our time with them immensely. I already spent the afternoon going to a Water and Sanitation meeting with NGOs to get a feel for the aid work in the country and have made great contacts. Paul and Bennett spent a few hours in front of the guest house talking with the day guard. Paul speaks little french, he spoke little english, so I have a feeling there was a whole lot of gesturing going on! Bennett played with them all and loved the sand. Paul got Tuareg tea made for him too and had blast. He is loving it here.

In a few days we are headed out to a village 4 hours away and will stop in a bunch of little villages on the way. I have taken a few pictures and will expect to take lots more soon. Im going to try to upload one for you all of Paul and his two friends outside the house. Check out the lovely red sand!

The heat is .....well hot. But we are feeling good so far. Im looking forward to getting out and exploring in the next few days. MOre stories to come.


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