Friday, September 22, 2006

Hanging in the suburbs of Dar Es Salaam

Today we went out to the suburbs of Niamey, which I am told looks a lot like village life. Lisa works out here with the Fulani people and has a fairly impressive grasp of Fufulde language! Paul is helping her fix her vehicle and her and I and Bennett went out visiting some ladies. I sure wish that we had a fast enough connection to upload some pictures. i will keep trying. So we went into the grass/thatch huts and visited with one lady and her children. Some other people came and went as we were there. They spoke Fulfulde, and i picked up the odd thing based on context and nuance. A french lady came to visit and we chatted a while too. This hut was all straw, had three beds in it and a bunch of pots of food and water and mash and clothes and everything they need to live. Bennett was a bit shy and hung out around the door a lot and played in the sand and watched it all with fascination. The ladies were happy to have us there and it gave me great insight into some of their living conditions and development challenges.
There were three huts surrounded by a rough brick wall. There was also a bunch of Ocra plants growing, a chicken pen (with chickens running around it whereever they wanted, and assorted other things.
Tomorrow we are going with the Marineau family out to the village of Ayerou (spelling?) which is about 4 hours away and we will stop at a bunch of Tamajchek villages along the way.

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