Friday, August 18, 2006

Some recent happenings and photos

So what have we been up to the last month or so? Just living and enjoying life really :) Here are a few highlights of a beautiful summer.

First of all we went camping for three days with most of the McIver clan. We went to Peter Lougheed Park in the mountains. It was a great time of relaxing and encouraging one another. The boys all went on a 20 or so kilometer hike to Mt. Assiniboine. Sanka went with them, and with all his running back and forth he logged likely 50 km. Poor guy was so sore he couldnt barely hobble the next day.

Bennett loves it camping. He would wander in the trees, play with rocks, and generally get dirty and happy. What joy to watch him!

Then we went camping with Mark and Teresa. I still need to get into her photo account so I would have pictures to add, but suffice to say it was fantastic time to share and laugh and be together with my dear friends

We spent some days volunteering at Camp Cerith. I was in the general camp and Paul led rapelling as per usual. I love that camp, a great chance to serve the girls and talk with them. Bennett was a bit tougher this year since i couldnt stick him in the bouncy chair while i worked, but we managed. He loved it out there. A real outdoor boy this summer!

Only bad thing..he had baby measles. You can see the spots. FUnny next thing..his mom caught it. First ever case of transfer to an adult my Dr. has ever seen. I felt fine, but was speckled and contagious. What fun! (You can ses spots in some pictures on him) wont load. Ill work on it. Stay tuned.....

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