Saturday, August 19, 2006

Niger update

Our visa's have arrived! Woohoo!
So we sent off the huge stack of required documentation last week to the Embassy of Niger. I guess they dont get many requests for tourist visa's since we got them back yesterday. One huge tick in a check box todos.

We are most of the way through vaccinations as well. I got the least, Paul needed a few, and poor Bennett needed the most. We opted for the 4 shots for rabies simply because he loves dogs so much and will likely go up to "give love" to any stray we see there. So he needs to go back two more times for shots still.

Our church gave us $2000 to help defray the $7000 total cost, so we are very blessed and thankful for that help. (Thank you if you are reading this from there!)

I am compiling a list of things to bring. I actually found a list i made last time I lived there, but it isnt as helpful as I would have hoped. Sadly i dont think "alfredo sauce packets" will be needed for this trip :) I hope to get some culturally appropriate clothing ideas soon. Im borrowing long skirts anyhow.

Mentally we are very excited for it. We leave in less than a month now, and cant wait. Its funny how we sort of feel like we are going to meet family. We have such a clear sense of calling going here, that we know these people will be cherished in our lives.

I will update more later. Suffice it to say we have most of the essentials in place and are working on the logistics and packing and ideas :)

Thank you for being part of this journey!

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