Friday, June 30, 2006

Well, I know I'm not afraid of heights!

The Fire Department Station I work most closely with got a new 1.1 million dollar Bronto Truck. Basically a huge platform ladder truck that goes up something like 11 stories in the air. A very nice truck. The guys figured there was over 150 square feet just of diamondcut plating on it. No wonder the truck cost so much...pretty fancy!

Anyhow... we went over there for lunch since one of our District Chiefs was retiring and they had just got the truck. Of course they offered us a ride, which we gladly took them up on! So we put on gear (I am in the orange - the captains uniform and hat) and rode up. I cant believe the physics involved in this thing that puts us 11 stories high out on an angle from the truck, and yet perfectly balanced.

There was a guy sitting in camera dispatch at the University who we knew would love to see this, so we called them and they rotated two cameras to catch us. The whole security team came to dispatch to watch Tom and I up high in the bucket. Too bad I couldnt get a screen capture, it showed how far up we were from far away.

So here are a few pics that were taken for the adventure junkie in all of you. It was fun. One of the perks with working with them so closely all the time :)


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