Friday, June 30, 2006

Camping in Kananaskis

This past weekend we went camping out in Kananaskis. The campgrounds were really full since the K100 mile relay race was going on, but we managed to get a site.

We went hiking for hours on Saturday. Sanka of course had a ball running in the creek and pushing rocks (He wore down his front paw protection!) and generally loving the outdoors. Bennett would take his red ball, laugh like crazy and run away a few metres (with Sanka hot on his trail) and then throw the ball. Sanka would of course go retrieve it, and Bennett thought that was the funniest thing in the world. He was awfully slobbery and dirty afterwards, but thats what little boys are good at. He played with Sanka for hours!

Basically we had a really nice time on Saturday. With our summer filling up really fast, we have to make the time to get out every chance we can.

Thanks again for the great backpack Greg and Jill. We using it tons!! (and as you can tell, Bennett feels right at home in it)

A nice picture of the path "less taken"

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