Friday, June 30, 2006

Bell City Chase

The Calgary urban adventure race that Paul and I did for our Anniversary.

The premise of this race is you have 6 hours to run around town, using only public transit and your feet, to complete 10 out of a possible 17 quests. Some you ahve locations for, others you have to search for or use information to discover via clues. You can also phone people for help with the clues. For example, we phoned Mom who was at home looking after Bennett and she did a google search to find which building was the tallest in Calgary, so we could go there to the lobby for a next clue.

So we raced around the city. SOme of the tasks we completed were Skyball ( a mix of trampoline and basketball), paint ball shooting targets, scavenger hunts through a mall, Suduku quiz, solve an art puzzle then find the correct painting, construct a table using all supplied materials with none left over, transfer water from one bucket to another not using arms or feet, blindfolded croquet, and a full out Army Reserves obstacle course and rapelling. Complete with them yelling at you to hurry up and do more situps.

So here are the pictures. SOrry for the poor picture quality, but i only brought my 8 year old junkie small camera just incase it got damaged in the activities.

We did it, completed all 10, with 27 minutes to spare to the deadline. We finished 84 out of 310 and had a blast! A great way to celebrate our anniversary.

The Obstacle course with the ROTC guys

Paul at the Obstacle course

Rappelling off the barracks tower

The Skyball challenge

The finish line!!

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