Friday, June 30, 2006

The truck that God built

So here is a story of how when we listen to and follow the will of God, even when it might not fit our own plans, that he blesses us.

Paul wanted to get his own welding truck, to start his own business and go mobile. We looked into it and how much it was going to cost to get a truck, the tools and a welder on it, and it was going to be at least $15,000. (ands thats with an older truck and used welder on it). I (Chantelle) really wasnt thrilled to be going into debt for anything even though I knew it would make him more money and pay for itself in a few years. You see, we really believe we are called to go overseas to work in the next year and want to stay out of debt. So we prayed about it lots. Paul really wanted the truck, but more than anything we wanted to stay in God's will and trust him. We both clearly felt that God did not want us to go buy a truck. SO although a little sad, we made the choice to listen to that.

So a few months later (Maybe like a year after the original idea and a few months after we had been praying over it again) Paul's boss at the small shop he works for called him in. He is a christian as well. He said (in a nutshell) that he has appreciated Paul and in June wants to give him a truck and a welder. For free. Paul has been working for him on and off for years and always helped him out and been loyal and given up overtime and just worked straight hours sometimes, etc. And now he believed that he was supposed to give us this truck!

So June 15th, they transfered title for $1 and Paul got a truck, welder and a whole bunch of tools for it. He now switched over and runs his own company.

God is so good. He knows our desires and has better ways to bless us than we even imagine. And when we honor him by listening and following Him, He has such good things in store for us, be it the desire of our hearts, or simply a closer walk with Him. Its always worth it.

So I hope that today that is an encouragement to your heart. Our God is good and knows us and blesses us. He even cares about welding trucks :)

Bell City Chase

The Calgary urban adventure race that Paul and I did for our Anniversary.

The premise of this race is you have 6 hours to run around town, using only public transit and your feet, to complete 10 out of a possible 17 quests. Some you ahve locations for, others you have to search for or use information to discover via clues. You can also phone people for help with the clues. For example, we phoned Mom who was at home looking after Bennett and she did a google search to find which building was the tallest in Calgary, so we could go there to the lobby for a next clue.

So we raced around the city. SOme of the tasks we completed were Skyball ( a mix of trampoline and basketball), paint ball shooting targets, scavenger hunts through a mall, Suduku quiz, solve an art puzzle then find the correct painting, construct a table using all supplied materials with none left over, transfer water from one bucket to another not using arms or feet, blindfolded croquet, and a full out Army Reserves obstacle course and rapelling. Complete with them yelling at you to hurry up and do more situps.

So here are the pictures. SOrry for the poor picture quality, but i only brought my 8 year old junkie small camera just incase it got damaged in the activities.

We did it, completed all 10, with 27 minutes to spare to the deadline. We finished 84 out of 310 and had a blast! A great way to celebrate our anniversary.

The Obstacle course with the ROTC guys

Paul at the Obstacle course

Rappelling off the barracks tower

The Skyball challenge

The finish line!!

Camping in Kananaskis

This past weekend we went camping out in Kananaskis. The campgrounds were really full since the K100 mile relay race was going on, but we managed to get a site.

We went hiking for hours on Saturday. Sanka of course had a ball running in the creek and pushing rocks (He wore down his front paw protection!) and generally loving the outdoors. Bennett would take his red ball, laugh like crazy and run away a few metres (with Sanka hot on his trail) and then throw the ball. Sanka would of course go retrieve it, and Bennett thought that was the funniest thing in the world. He was awfully slobbery and dirty afterwards, but thats what little boys are good at. He played with Sanka for hours!

Basically we had a really nice time on Saturday. With our summer filling up really fast, we have to make the time to get out every chance we can.

Thanks again for the great backpack Greg and Jill. We using it tons!! (and as you can tell, Bennett feels right at home in it)

A nice picture of the path "less taken"

Well, I know I'm not afraid of heights!

The Fire Department Station I work most closely with got a new 1.1 million dollar Bronto Truck. Basically a huge platform ladder truck that goes up something like 11 stories in the air. A very nice truck. The guys figured there was over 150 square feet just of diamondcut plating on it. No wonder the truck cost so much...pretty fancy!

Anyhow... we went over there for lunch since one of our District Chiefs was retiring and they had just got the truck. Of course they offered us a ride, which we gladly took them up on! So we put on gear (I am in the orange - the captains uniform and hat) and rode up. I cant believe the physics involved in this thing that puts us 11 stories high out on an angle from the truck, and yet perfectly balanced.

There was a guy sitting in camera dispatch at the University who we knew would love to see this, so we called them and they rotated two cameras to catch us. The whole security team came to dispatch to watch Tom and I up high in the bucket. Too bad I couldnt get a screen capture, it showed how far up we were from far away.

So here are a few pics that were taken for the adventure junkie in all of you. It was fun. One of the perks with working with them so closely all the time :)


Thursday, June 15, 2006

The beginnings

Really this blog began as part of a project, but also the beginnings of being better communicators. It will be crucial when we are really far away on another continent. So I might as well start now :) Plus, I know I enjoy keeping up on others lives through the few blogs of my friends. (see links eventually)
So check in as I chronicle the events in our lives, and post pictures. Not to worry, it wont be a running commentary of my everyday or diary like. Enjoy it.
We are blessed by all of you, and hope this is a way for you to get a glimpse of us.